About Simply Violet

What is Simply Violet?

Simply Violet has been many things before, but from now on is a place to share my journey. My everyday life, as I aim to live a positive lifestyle. It’s all things about me, myself and I. Whether it’s the places I visit, new food and drink I discover or advice for small businesses, (because I have so much love for them) you can find it all here!

I don’t write for money. My intention is not to make money from Simply Violet. It’s about improving my writing. Documenting my life. And hopefully inspiring someone that made need it.

Get to know Lorna ScullyWho am I? 

Hello! My name is Lorna Violet Scully.

By day, I’m a Marketing Executive at a Drinks Company based in Cambridgeshire. I love my job, as much of a challenge as it is.

I currently live in a small village in Cambridgeshire, just outside of Peterborough with the majority of my family. Plus, my little ginger cat, Simba. Who I’m sure you’ll see bits and bobs of, because he’s basically my world.

I started Simply Violet as a small, creative business about 3 years ago. It all started because I created a print for my parents’ anniversary. Since then I have created hundreds (I think hundreds is right… wow!) of prints for friends, family and people across the globe. It’s not something that gave me the biggest kick. I enjoyed it, but once people started getting overly demanding I no longer felt inspired by doing it. That killed it for me.

Then, I decided to turn Simply Violet in to a social media marketing freelance business. Helping small businesses with their social media. Although, it wasn’t unsuccessful, I think because It’s part of my daily job it became something I didn’t want to write about all the time. So it’s still something that will form part of the Simply Violet blog because I am passionate about it. And, I really enjoy helping small businesses with any knowledge I may have that they don’t.

What’s next? Well, as mentioned above with ‘What is Simply Violet?’ I think I just wanted to strip everything back and turn it in to an outlet for me. I’ll be sure to pop a post up all about why I started blogging. And, before you ask, I have no idea why I kept the same name and just tried to change the function? I guess I just loved the name. It’s just that simple.


I’m always looking for exciting projects to collaborate on. If you’d like to work together on a project or you’d like to be featured on the blog, please do get in touch.