A new year means so much to so many different people. To some, they join the ‘New Year, New Me’ bandwagon, pledging to make positive changes to their lives that tend to be far too dramatic and therefore mostly last until early February. For others, it’s the start of another year of the same stuff or it’s just another day.

I’m not a massive fan of New Year.

I don’t particularly make an effort to go out or find a party. There have been many years before now that I have tucked myself up and watched the fireworks on the TV from the comfort of my bed.

However, I do tend to find that the beginning of a new year does make me look back to see what happened in the year just gone. Reflect and take note of important things. So I thought I’d jot down how my year has been.

I started the 2017 new year unemployed.

My previous job had seen my mental health spiral downwards. So I took the plunge and handed in my notice with no other position to go to. Luckily I had savings. I didn’t particularly want to use them, but I was prepared to if it meant I no longer had to feel that low on a daily basis. It took me until May to secure a full-time position. Five months. Countless interviews.

I started the year single.

Fresh out of a two and a half year, toxic relationship. Just moved back to my parents. Well, I’m now extremely grateful for that happening. I’ve definitely dated some peculiar people over the last twelve months, but I have spent a long time alone, which I haven’t really done since I was what… 17 years old? And now I’m happy to say I’m with someone that makes me very happy.

My 2017 in 6 points;

  1. Got a new Job. I’ve worked a lot since starting my new position. It’s definitely different compared to any job I’ve had before. It has it’s ups and downs, as does any job, but it’s pretty cool.
  2. Started reading a lot more. After putting my 26 before 26 list together, I went a bit mental on Amazon and spent quite a bit of money on books. Have I read them all? Not at all, haha, but it’s a start. Before this year I don’t think I’d read a book since school. Not voluntarily.
  3. I went to Barcelona by myself. As nervous as I was about travelling alone, I was starting to get a bit fed up of feeling like I couldn’t go anywhere without waiting for someone else to agree to come with me. It was scary at first, but I’m definitely going to do it again!
  4. I started seeing a therapist. Think it’s safe to say I’ve been through some crap. I haven’t been the same ‘Lorna’ for a long time. The people always remember me to be. And whether people like to admit it or not, every single one of us has underlying problems. I ‘grew some‘ and got some help. Shannon has done some amazing work with me, and I don’t even feel like she’s done anything…. Just listened to me babble and cry.
  5. Went to the German Christmas Markets, in Cologne. It was definitely an experience. I’m glad to say I’ve done it now. Would I do it again? Yeah… maybe.
  6. I got a new tattoo. Something I’ve been dying to do for quite some time. But given that one guy had done most of the tattoos on my body I think I had become scared to let someone else tattoo me in case their styles were completely different. I love it!


Well, that’s 2017 in a nutshell. It wasn’t the best year ever, but I’d say I did alright! Here’s to another year, getting older with more ups and downs, lessons and fun times.

What did your 2017 look like?

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