Well, there is only 24 hours in a day and making the most of our time is crucial to growing our businesses, right? In 2017, social media can make a huge impact on so many small businesses. Yet so many struggle with the overwhelm of it all. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could KNOW what you should focus on and when? Read on for 6 simple ways to simplify your daily social media tasks so that you can spend as much time as possible doing what you do best… running your small business.

1. Know where your tribe hang out

Before you even start thinking about WHAT to post, you need to know WHERE you should be posting. A couple of things to consider;

  • What platforms are YOU comfortable using and posting on?
  • What social platforms are you Ideal Customers on?

Have you already got social profiles set up that you have found are doing well for you in terms of followers? The next step would be to look to see if these channels are truly worth your time. Are they completing your goals. Perhaps your goal is to drive more traffic to your website, so the next step is to check your sales and traffic in Google Analytics.

You may have 2000 Twitter followers and 400 Facebook fans, but you might find by looking at your data that more traffic is coming from Facebook than Twitter. Therefore, Facebook should be where you are focusing your time and effort.

2. Block out time slots in your diary

It is super easy to get distracted on social media and find yourself sat at your desk with your laptop 3 hours after you started, having not completed half of your tasks. One way to overcome this is block out chunks of your diary. Fit it around your busy day to make sure you complete all your social media tasks.

I would also recommend that based on your decision in #1, these time blocks should be based on the data you have. Look at which times of the day your ideal customer is online. For example, I can see on my Simply Violet Facebook Page that people who have liked my page are online mostly between 6pm-9pm. Based on this it would be best to post my updates, blog and video content just before these times. This will give my content more chance to appear in their newsfeeds.

Also, bear in mind the number of channels you are looking to be active on. If you planning on blocking out an hour of your time per day on social media, think about how you will divide your time between them. Use the above example about using data to decide how you will split your time. If Facebook is driving more traffic but you want to be active on Instagram, then say you spend 40 minutes on Facebook and 20 minutes on Instagram. Make sense?

3. Create a daily to-do list of social media tasks

A great way to make sure you stay on task is to make a daily game plan for each platform. All I mean by this is writing a list every day of the tasks you want to complete. It could be in a word document or if you’re more old fashioned like me, in a diary or notebook.

Some examples could be;

  • Respond to all outstanding notifications
  • Review your insights and update monthly statistics
  • Create and schedule all posts for the following day or two
  • Go Live for 5 minutes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Research & Engage

Do this for each of the social platforms that you planning on being active on whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. This breaks down exactly what you need to do each day and will stop you from getting distracted.


6 Ways to Simplify Your Daily Social Media Tasks

4. Get social and ENGAGE!

Going through all of these steps to help make the most of your time on social media isn’t going to help you a lot if you’re not allocating time to building meaningful and lasting relationships! Otherwise, you’re just talking at people! It is called SOCIAL media for a reason 😉

As you’re completing your daily to-do list that you’ve created as a part of point #3, look for chances to spark conversations with your fans, followers and influencers. People buy from people. Therefore let them know that there is an actual human being the other side of the computer screen! If you make time for your customers, it will be easier to build longer lasting relationships over time.


5. Find tools that work for you!

Like I said before, there is only so much time in the day. You really do need the right set of tools! Tools can help to make scheduling, posting, and engaging SOO much easier. Here’s a couple that I’ve heard about or even used in the past or present that you might want to check out;


This is a really easy tool to use to help you share things you want to share on social media. It acts as a great way to build a queue of content that you want to share with your page. AND it shows you the best time to post. You can even add your entire team to Buffer. So, you can all be looking for great content across the web you think would be a good fit for your pages. Add it to your queue and Buffer will schedule it. It’s a very clever tool and one that I’ve recently started using to help me manage my time more effectively.


This is one of the easiest ways to create beautiful graphics that really fit in to your brand image. It has tons of stock photos, icons & shapes, fonts and filters for you to use. You can easily create simple, yet effective graphics time and time again. AND you’ll never have to worry about creating them in the right dimensions for each channel. Canva give you the correct templates before you begin! You simply find what you like and what works for you and then download your images. It will also save all of your designs in a library format. This means you can go back and amend or use the same format in a string of images you’re creating!


This is basically an online to-do list that’s been suped up – and it’s fab! You add each of your tasks in to Asana. Add a title, a description of what the tasks entails and even a deadline in which you want to complete it. They also have the feature of adding your team to Asana. This allows you to transfer these tasks to each person. Meaning everyone knows what they’re doing and when they’ve got to do it by!


Formally known as Latergramme, Later is the easiest way to schedule your Instagram content. Now, before you get confused, Instagram does not allow any third party applications to post on your behalf. So what Later does is actually sends you a push notification at the time that you set to schedule your work. You log in to Later and create all of your fabulous posts. Create the copy. Upload the image. You can even have a think about your hashtags at this point… and then schedule. When your scheduled time comes around, Later will send you a push notification. All you have to do is follow the prompts on your phone to copy your content in to Instagram and hey presto!

I would recommend that you to give some of these a try. The key is to save you time, frustration and ultimately to allow you to have success!

6. Move with the times

Finally, the social media marketing strategy that might work for your friend may not work for you. It takes a lot of trial and error. AND, you have to continue to learn and adapt with the times.

For example, going live is the next big thing right now. But it wasn’t on most marketers’ radars even a year ago! Be prepared to shuffle around your resources and time as needed if you see an opportunity come up.


I really hope these 6 tips will help you better manage and streamline your daily social media tasks in order to get the most for the time and effort you put in.

Do you have any tips you would like to add? I would love to hear them below!

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