There are so many people selling handmade items now? Whether it’s just on Facebook or Etsy, maybe even Folksy it’s hard not to feel like you just can’t make your business stand out fro the crowd! So how do you get your fabulous business to rise above all the noise and get your ideal customers to take notice? Here are my 7 simple steps to help…

Have a strong brand;

In my opinion, this is so important. I would highly recommend you invest in a professional logo and then, make sure you use your logo on EVERYTHING you do! Creating a strong brand will help you and your customers define all sorts of things – your colour scheme, your style, theme and even your fonts. So, my question to you, what images, colours and theme can you use in your brand that make you immediately recognisable to your ideal customers?

Find your niche;

What do you want to be known for? What is YOUR thing? Whatever it is, you need to be specific. You can’t be all things to all people, so you need to be clear in your mind on who you can help and how. Get clear on who your ideal customers are, how you can help them and why they would buy from you. Try to solve their problem. Just remember, if you try to market to everyone, people are unlikely to connect with you and your brand as they will feel that you’re not talking to them!

Show off your personality;

This is mega important in my books; people buy from people! The easiest way to get people to connect with you is by allowing them to get to know the person behind the brand, the one who does all of the work. Just be you. This will help show your ideal customer that there is an actual human behind the business, someone they can connect to and relate to. If they can form a connection with you, they;re more likely to buy from you.

Become a resource;

Get yourself known as the person that helps. If you share amazing content that genuinely helps your ideal customers then they will value that. This will set you apart from the others, and the loyalty you’ll receive in return will be more than worth it! Don’t be afraid to share too much, the more you share, more you position yourself as the expert. Check out my post about the types of content you can share to gain more credibility.

Be relatable;

Whenever you’re marketing, make sure you are constantly talking to your ideal customer. So whether your ideal customer connects with your website, blog, Etsy shop, Facebook page, adverts, they will know who you are, what you do and you will connect with them in a way they understand. You need to get their heads nodding by asking questions like ‘are you struggling with this?’, ‘wouldn’t be great if you could do this?’ or ‘do you find yourself fed up with this?’ you need to show that are truly understand their problems and that YOU have the answers. This will really help them connect with you and notice your brand more than others and they know you understand their problems.

Make real connections;

Make it crystal clear that your customers are important to you; reply to every social media post, email, and message. Continue to build relationships with them, make it clear you want to hear from them, their opinions and their feedback. By establishing these connections they’re more likely to think of you and your products/service when they’re thinking or talking about the subject as they will already know, trust and like you.

Never stop learning;

Unfortunately, I see this all too often. Small business reach a certain level of success, they get comfortable and complacent. They stop learning. Things in the small business and marketing world are constantly changing so if you want to keep growing your business, it is super important that you keep up-to-date. The most successful businesses never stop learning; they read the latest blogs and business books, sign up to useful webinars and even invest in training programmes. They do this to keep on top form and not fall behind, to keep delivering the very best for their ideal customer.

Ok, so now it’s time to take action! Which of these are you going to implement in to your brand this month? Don’t forget to pop a comment below or stop by my Facebook page to let me know how you get on!


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