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So while doing my evening browse on Pinterest I had a light bulb idea; we’re all about craft and home decor so here’s a lovely craft idea to decorate your home: Use decorative letters.

Here are just some of the different ways to decorate the letters…

1 – Concrete Letters – Learning, Creating, Living



If you’re going for that modern, industrial look these are perfect! Free standing letters are always a great way to add a personal touch to your home.


2 – Slate Letter – Masion de Pax


Again, this amazing crafter is American as are all her products but you can definitely pick up everything you need from your local craft store. I think she has the right idea, and giving them out to kids for party favours, how sweet!


3 – Crayon Monogram – Chic & Cheap Nursery


I’m not going to lie, who doesn’t love crayons? This picture really caught my eye and given that time of year has just passed (when the kids leave school and you all want to buy the teacher a nice present, blah blah blah) this would definitely make a crackin’ present for a teacher.


4 – Photo Collage Letters – House on the Way


Ahhhh – I love photos! This lady put a beautiful twist on the embarrassing photos for her daughter’s graduation by giving her something to keep for the rest of her life. I think this is truly amazing and I will almost definitely give this a go myself as i have 1000s of photos!


5 – Sequin Monogram – Catch My Party


When in doubt – add some sparkle! These would definitely add a touch of class to any event, be it baby shower, hen party or birthday party. Hey here’s a thought, why not pick up some of the papier mache numbers instead and do this as table numbers for a wedding!


6 – The Floral Letters – The Mrs and Momma Bird


I was never really a floral kind of person, now I love them, especially this. I think it’s feminine without being too girly? and lets face it, the way Paige has hung this inside a backless frame just adds class I think.


7 – Marquee Letters – Grey Likes Nesting


Who didn’t have that dream of seeing their name in lights?! [puts hand firmly on the ground!] I adore these. If anyone would like to send me a gift at any point, *cough cough*


8 – Fabric Covered Letters – Hello Splendid


Ahh, ye olde faithful – fabric covered letters. I see these all over the place and I think they’re beautiful I really do. Sometimes it’s nice to give it a go yourself though right? And what better way to include these within your special room by using the same fabrics as another key piece of the room, like the curtains for example?


If you should happen to give any of these a go, please get in touch and show us your makes!

Happy Crafting,



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