There are so many people out there that are saying you HAVE to be building your Email Marketing list.

I agree… But where to begin? What even is email marketing? It can be so hard to sit and think of things to say in your emails at the best of times. So I thought today I’d give you a bit of background as to what it is and I’ve created a list below that should help you get started with some ideas.

However, before you decide on what you are going to put in your emails, don’t forget to always think of the really important questions. What will your ideal customer find useful? What do they want to learn or know about, what problems are they suffering with and what can you include in your emails to help them? And don’t forget to make sure you are writing them directly for your ideal customers!

Firstly, what is email marketing?

In simple terms, you create a database of email addresses from your customers, potential customers and anyone who wants to keep up to date with your business. You use this list to send out, well thought through, emails to market to these people. Now, there are many strings to the term ’email marketing’ but please don’t let that scare  you off.

Will email marketing work for my business?

If your business relies on your website for any reason, whether that be to keep increasing your traffic numbers or to sell products, email marketing is a quick and cheap way of communicating with people.

Here’s some ideas for your email marketing…

1. Business updates or what you’ve been working on

Have you got a big announcement that you’ve been working so hard on recently? Tell your subscribers about it! Whether it’s a new design which you will be launching later in the month or a new collaboration with a massive influencer in your field, people love to hear about all your exciting news!

2. Your blog posts

We know how much time and effort goes in to your blog posts, by golly do I know! So why work so hard on something, putting so much time, effort and resource in to creating a fabulous blog post that is 100% aimed at who you’re targeting if you’re not going to tell them about it?

3. Useful tools

You should know you ideal customers inside out, so why not add a section in your email that they will really appreciate by adding a list of useful tools. By doing this, not only are you driving traffic to other peoples site (Good deed!) but you’re also engaging with every person on your list and making them see that you are someone that can be trusted and you’re not just out to take money from them!

4. Inspirational quotes

This is a big one for me! As an owner of a small business I really appreciate receiving an inspirational quote, whether I come across it on social media or I open an email to be greeted by it… Everyone has their bad days; it could brighten someone’s day at least. Caveat, if it doesn’t fit with your brand voice then don’t send it.

5. Questions

Are you thinking about launching a new product or service but you don’t know how your followers are going to react? Is it what they want and need? Ask them! Ask them what they want to receive from you. This is the easiest way to get the best answer.

6. Upcoming events

Have you recently booked a local craft stall? Maybe you are going to be speaking at a conference, or perhaps you’ve got a sale coming up that you want to tell your subscribers about first. People love to be the first to hear something. These people have given you their personal details (hopefully not much more than their name and email address!) So why not make them feel special? Tell your subcribers about it, they might even pop and see you! If you don’t tell them you’re going to be there, don’t expect them to know.

7. Product specific

Have you got a range of products that you’re putting on special offer? Perhaps you’re releasing a whole new range and want to show them off, or maybe you want to make your emails entire focus about one product. How would you do that and what would you include? Well a set of beautiful images would be a start, a detailed description, reviews about the products from other buyers in the past and a call-to-action showing them where they can buy it. Some of the simplest emails prove to be the most successful.

8. FAQ’s

Do you have a heap of frequently asked questions that you keep getting messages about? If one person has the thought of asking it, it is highly likely that there are more people out there that are thinking the same thing. If there is any possibility that this simple question, which I’m sure you can answer (because who else knows your business inside out?) is stopping these potential customers from buying your product or service, then jot it down in your email and put their mind at rest. You might think it seems like a negative thing to do, but being transparent with your audience they will trust you and LOVE you for it!

9. How to connect with you

They’ve signed up to your email marketing but do they follow you on Facebook and Instagram? Maybe they don’t even know what social platforms you’re on. So why not tell them. They might decide to follow you. Just ensure that the content is aimed at your ideal customer.


This list is not all the options, just something to get you started on marketing your small business! Why not try some of these ideas for your next email? Whatever you decide on – remember its not set in stone! Put together a plan and try different things each week or month, see what works well and mix things up! As long as what you are including is in some way useful, relevant or interesting to your ideal customer – that’s all that matters!

I hope you find this useful. IF you have any questions at all then please do drop me a comment below and I’d be happy to help!

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