The biggest, romantic day of the year is fast approaching, that’s right people Valentines Day is just around the corner – have you prepared your small business? Have you done everything you can to make sure you gain from this public event?

Couples generally spend Valentines day doing nice things and spoiling each other with gifts, making it a perfect opportunity for your business! If you’re a florist, jewellery maker or your business is in card making and gift wrapping you could really be using the run up to Valentines day work for you!

Here’s some facts for you: In 2015 Valentines Day saw £518 million spent on gifts such as lingerie and jewellery, £313 million spent on food and drink and £135 million on items such as cards and gift wrapping – you could definitely be taking some of this share in your handmade business!

On average, 25 million cards are given on Valentine’s day in UK alone – this is GREAT news if you create handmade cards. Make sure you’ve got your designs created, beautiful new photos of them, and however you choose to sell them, whether it’s Etsy, Folksy or through your own website, that they are listed and ready to be bought!

According to a study by Ladbrokes Casino, to find out the lengths their customers would go for romance, the average male spend is £50 against the women’s £32! We also saw that on Saturday 7th February, just a week before the Valentines celebrations, there was a 55% increase of online consumers searching for keywords around dating and romance.

Here’s just some ways you can capitalise on this romantic day;

Share the love with competitions

Get your audience engaging with you! People love to hear other people’s stories, so one competition idea is to ask your audience to “Share the Love” on your chosen social platform, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram each platform should be thoroughly thought out of the competition rules.

Ask you followers to share their sweet stories, or pictures that represent love to them and tag your business to be in for a chance of winning!

How does this help your small business?

Yes, they might be talking about themselves, but by getting people engaged and tagging YOUR brand through their own social channels just in the hope that they might win your fabulous prize, they’re promoting your business name to all of THEIR followers. This could then mean that their friends have now found their way over to your profile, your shop and you need to be ready to serve them!

What does it cost you?

The cost of the prize that you decide to give away. For example, why not give the winner 2 items from your store (one for them, one for their companion)? Or perhaps a discount code of your choice for them to spend in your store. Just bear in mind, the more specific it is, the more it will have to appeal, so the more generic it is, like “WIN £100 CASH!” the more people are likely to enter. The cost of the prize is completely up to you.

Create a romantic video gift guide

Nowadays, the old chocolates and flowers just don’t cut it for some people, so why not create a handy gift guide using your products. Here’s the twist, to make sure you reach the maximum amount of people and get your engagement up, create a video gift guide. It doesn’t have to be too long, it doesn’t have to be super flashy and all singing and dancing – just a simple video shot using your smart phone would be just fine!

Alternatively, create a slide show using images of your products that would make the perfect Valentines gifts. You can add a voice over so you’re explaining each product, or maybe even some romantic music.

Upload the video to Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter to get your video out there, remembering to add a suitable caption for each platform that will appeal to your target audience.

Here’s a bonus idea – Why not create a short video clip per product. This will give you much more content and you can share each clip on the days leading up to Valentines Day!

Create a specific promotion

If you’ve put a promotional calendar together then this one may already be on your list. But just in case it isn’t, a Valentines promotion could be what sets you apart from your competition. Before you run any kind of promotion, be sure you know your margins and only activate them if they make sense for your business.

Some options you might consider include percentage discounts such as ‘15% off your basket’ or individual products, fixed monetary discounts like ‘£5 off an order of £30 or more‘, offering free shipping or a calculating a reduced cost for a listing featuring multiple products, like a gift basket. Offering a discount or free shipping could encourage people to buy more than one item. Whichever you chose to do, if any make sure you think clearly and consider your options before offering any promotions.

Use relevant hashtags

This is crucial when you’re using social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Taking beautiful photos and keeping up with the conversations is still a must on both platforms, however, using hashtags that your target market is looking at is key!

Do some research to see what hashtags are popular or even trending relating to Valentines Day – we can almost guess that on the day #ValentinesDay2017 #ValentineGift  #ValentinesDay will be up there!

What have you got planned for your small business in the run up to Valentines Day? Let me know!

how you can get your handmade small business noticed this valentines day



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