So every so often we get asked to produce personal, custom makes: the next one touched us so much that we just had to share it with you!

Earlier in the year, I received a message on our Simply Violet Facebook page from the lovely John asking for something a bit different to our normal prints. Sadly, Johns Mother had recently passed away and with his Sisters birthday fast approaching he had an idea for a very special present. He had a very detailed idea of what he wanted it to look like, at first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to live up to his high expectations.

So… The idea was involving his Mother’s fingerprint and a short poem that his sister and mother used to share. We knew that this was a very personal present and would definitely touch the receiver, we had to think long and hard about how we could give this all the love and care we possibly could. After a day of brainstorming about how we could make this a special present for such a lovely family – we got to work.


Firstly, I searched through my massive library of fonts to find the perfect font for the 2 lines of poem that would live under the fingerprint. After a lot of backwards and forwards I finally found the perfect font that John loved. It was key that we got this element nailed first as I would have to print the poem first and create the image second.


Then, I traced the outline of the fingerprint on to some linen card. This card is heavy duty and definitely gives a very professional finish to any project.


John had mentioned that he would like the print to be raised somehow, this was something that we hadn’t tried before [I love a good challenge!] So, with that in mind I decided to use a clear-drying glue and some red flock and with a lot of patience and concentration we got there.

Check out the finished product!


And luckily – Jo Loved it! 😀


Happy Customer = Happy Lorna!





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