Welcome to the very first Meet the Maker!

We have been working so hard behind the scenes to bring you this new weekly feature, where we give you a behind the scenes look at some of our hand picked, handmade business owners.

We’re so excited to announce that our first lovely handmade business is Lottie & Lysh, who pride themselves in being handmade designer fashion for children and babies. Have a read and let us know in the comments what you think!


      Tell us a little bit about the person behind Lottie & Lysh…

I’m Lottie, and the little one is Lysh 🙂 We live in Newquay, Cornwall right by the seaside and absolutely LOVE it. The whole family are keen surfers and everything revolves around getting to the beach every day!

  1.       What inspired you to start Lottie & Lysh?

When Lysh was little I learnt to sew by making her dresses – She eventually didn’t want to wear handmade anymore (cry) so I packed up the sewing machine and dumped it on top of the wardrobe. Fast forward a few years and I had a couple of little nieces and a new baby boy. My sister wanted a couple of coats for her girls so down came the machine and the passion for sewing was well and truly reignited. It wasn’t long before my son became the focus of my sewing and I made lots of little dungarees and trousers for him. Suddenly Lysh wanted to wear handmade again! Horaaay, it was full steam ahead. Everyone asked where my children got their clothes from and asked me to make them some as well. After lots (and I mean LOTS) of nagging I set up the Lottie & Lysh Facebook page and things really took off, within 2 months we had 2000 fans and lots of orders every day.

  1.       Tell us a little bit about your products.

At Lottie & Lysh you will find a range coats and jackets for children and babies. We wanted to make comfortable jackets that weren’t restrictive but kept the kiddies super warm. Our Charlie Jackets are the result, available in lots of different prints and fabric combos everyone who buys one is besotted with – many have 2 or 3! We also have Bonnie Bunny, Bertie Bear and Rocky Raccoon jackets; because who doesn’t need a hood with ears! Super cute. We have a range of jersey bottoms including leggings, harems and shorts – all with matching accessories. We use Okeo Tex 100 certified materials so they look great and are kind to sensitive skin as well. The prints are to die for, unique and funky designs that look awesome.

  1.    Talk us through a normal working day.

Life is bust at Lottie & Lysh. We are getting more and more orders every day and are absolutely loving it. I usually wake up around 7am, see Lysh off to school and take Jaxon to nursery. Come home for an hour of admin; emails, social media, new product descriptions etc, then it’s on to the sewing. I stop for lunch around 1pm (by stop I mean do more admin whilst ramming a sandwich down my throat!). I carry on with Lottie & Lysh related gumpf until around 4pm when I take the dogs for a walk and collect Jaxon. Then its family time!! Working from home is awesome and gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with the kids. You can’t put a price on that!

  1.       What’s your biggest achievement so far?

We’ve recently become a partner with Notonthehighstreet.com so Lottie & Lysh is now available on their site too (as well as our Etsy and website stores). Growing the brand from nothing in to something that has a ‘BUZZ’ about it has been incredible. I get so many messages now from people saying things like “I’ve heard so much about L&L” and “My friend recommended you to me”… That sort of stuff is so rewarding, I love it.

  1.       What’s the hardest thing you have had to overcome in your business?

Keeping a lid on the amount of time I spend ‘working’. Working from home is certainly fantastic, but it can be hard to distance yourself from it when it’s right ‘there’. Striking a balance has definitely been tough, but it got there in the end.

  1.       How do you spread the word about your lovely business?

Network, network, network. I put in a good hour every day on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instragram etc. This stuff is of paramount importance when growing a business in this day and age; it has to be embraced and put to good use.

  1.       What do you think are the key 3 things to running a successful craft business

    1. Confidence in your product
    2. Development of your brand
    3. Having time for your customers
  1.       Where do you see Lottie & Lysh in a year from now?

I’d love to increase our following and in turn our orders, but I’d like to keep Lottie & Lysh the same; good, handmade products that are fresh, funky and fun.

  1.   What advice would you give someone else thinking of starting their own craft business?

Just go for it! Do your research, test the waters, and be prepared for some hard work. But most of all make sure you’re enjoying it, otherwise what’s the point? Work for yourself but make sure to work ‘for’ yourself, if that makes any sense at all! Haha.


We would like to thank Lottie & Lysh for being featured as our First Meet the Maker and wish her all the success in the world in growing what we think is a beautiful, handmade business. If you would like to browse the Lottie & Lysh Range please check out the links below;

Etsy   /   Website   /   Facebook





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