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Now many of you have asked me how the hell do some people get the time to constantly be posting all of these updates. When it comes to social media, there are quite a few of them and you have to find the time on top of everything else that you’re up to.. like actually running your small business [durr] to update your social media profiles.

The first thing to mention from me, you know.. is that scheduling your Instagram posts should not be the primary way you update your Insta feed, it should be part of your overall business marketing strategy. Instagram is mainly focused around that ‘instant‘ feel, snapping a picture and getting it uploaded. Those kind of pictures that show you’re there, in the moment and you want to capture that for your small business.

Even though Instagram is so easy to use, the platform doesn’t have a built-in scheduling feature, which could become an issue in some small business, for those who like to plan their content ahead.

Well there’s Instagram’s API Terms of Use that declares that you “shall not use the Instagram APIs to post automated content to Instagram, including likes and comments that were not initiated and entered by an Instagram user.” This would explain the small number of third-party Instagram scheduling apps – compared to all of those for the other platforms, right?

So that is why I’m letting you know about one of the great tools that can help you plan some of your Instagram content.


– formerly known as Latergramme 
Later helps you plan, schedule and organise your Instagram posts, but doesn’t post it for you. What is does is send you a push notification to your phone at the time you’ve set for your post to go live. All you have to do is open the app, copy everything to your clipboard and just go through the process over on Instagram. Yeah ok, it doesn’t do it for you, but I’ve actually found this helps me as it allows me to double and triple-check my work before I click post.

Later’s Pricing

They do offer a free plan which comes with;
30 photo posts/month – If you’re just starting out, this is perfect – 1 post a day!
Search & Repost – this is great of reposting other peoples content
1 User – thats you.
2 Social Profiles – you can add two accounts!

If you decide to upgrade to a premium account, which starts at $16 per month, you’ll be given an ability to have 2 users, manage two social profiles and schedule up to 250 posts a month. As business gets bigger and bigger you can keep upgrading your account. Check out their pricing structure.

Other Pro’s

What’s also great about Later (can you tell I’m a fan) is you can access everything on a desktop as well as downloading their app to you phone. So if you’re like me and you want to just sit at your desk for a couple of hours and get stuff done, then you can do this all on your computer.

They also visually let you see all of your posts, so you have a calendar that looks like this (below) so you can visually see the times and dates that you’ve scheduled posts, and you can re-jig when needed.

Simply Violet on Later

As you’ve probably guessed – I use Later. I won’t lie to you, I think it’s amazing. I haven’t had chance to trial all of the others, but I definitely will so I can pass my knowledge on to you! There others available; so far I have found, SchedugramOnlypult and you can now schedule Instagram posts on Hootsuite!

If you haven’t already and you’re seriously considering an Instagram scheduler, do your research, or start out right now and sign up to Later. You won’t regret it.. but remember, it should not be your primary source for updating Instagram.

If you have any questions or opinions on the schedulers out there drop me a comment below!

Until next time,

Lorna x

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