So, I’m not even technically 25 yet but I feel like 25 things to do, and the things I want to do wouldn’t be entirely impossibly. BUT, I feel like I would have struggled. So I dug deep for a twenty sixth point and have decided to be a bit different to everyone else and create a list of 26 things I want to do before I celebrate my twenty sixth birthday. My birthday is in 16th January, so this gives me 18 months to complete my list [EEK!]

Without further ado, here’s my 26 things;

1. Read 20 Books

I’ve always wanted to read more. Always found an excuse. I go through phases where I buy a tonne of books that look interesting and then never actually sit and read them. Dumb. I know. But now is the time for that to change.

26 before 26_Books

2. Travel alone

So, technically I have done this before. When I drove to Ireland. However, I don’t feel like I was truly alone. For a couple of reasons. Ireland feels a bit like home. My parents helped me quite a lot with my sleeping arrangements. I stayed with family a couple of nights. Blah blah blah. Hopefully I can tick this one of the list when I go to Barcelona (more coming on this soon!)

3. Invest in 5 start-up businesses

Having wanting to and trying to start my own business many times, and failing purely because I was lacking self belief, motivation and the right idea etc. I love helping other people create their dreams. So why not invest. One down so far; read about why I chose to invest in The Slabb.

4. Visit 10 new places in the UK

I think everyone is constantly looking at beautiful places in countries around the world. How many people have actually explored their own country? There’s so many places I have been before that I know I love, but there are so so many that I haven’t been to yet. So I’m setting myself the tasks of visiting 10 new places. That can’t be that hard!

5. Pay for a class

I am all about learning new tricks. Keeps my mind ticking I think. I don’t think I’ve ever paid for a course. So I’d quite like to use my hard earned money to pay for a course to learn something new. Don’t ask me what yet. I don’t know. My initial thoughts are either flower arranging or cocktail making. The later would have a good synergy with my job… but maybe that’s a good reason to try something completely different like flower arranging? Hmm…

6. Learn a new language

So I started learning Portuguese back when I was dating a Portuguese guy (enough about that!) But struggled. There was always a bit of pressure to learn it, so I could speak to his family and friends, yet he never wanted to actually help me. The question is, do I continue with Portuguese or choose a new language? Given that I’m planning on a trip to Spain, I’ve picked up a phrase book, but maybe I should make it more of a ‘thing’ than that.

7. Send 10 letters to friends/family even if you don’t send them

There is something quite sweet about receiving a hand written letter. I’d quite like to write my nan a letter. I also think that writing letters, makes them more personal. It may sound like a weird thing to do, but I think I’d write all my grandparents letters, although three of them are no longer with us. Just spending the time to sit down and think about what to write and getting your words on to paper means is thoughtful. What would you say to a relative who has passed away?

8. Get a better understanding of politics

So with the whole shenanigans in May/June time with the snap election. I won’t lie, it did spark my interest a little bit. I did make more of an effort to watch the news than I ever have before. I did vote for the very first time in my 24 years. But I’d like to understand a little bit more. They are running our country after all.

9. Write more

I think this still counts. This is like a work in progress. I’ve picked this blog back up. Get writing. Get creative with it. By now, you must know that I write how I speak. Very much so. I was always told that it was a negative thing. Sure, teachers that want you to write a novel are bound to say that. Who’s laughing now!? Working in marketing means you have to be able to write things for articles, quotes, blogs etc. and writing has never been my strong point (I pretty much failed English at school but who’s judging), but it’s definitely something I’m working on. Because I want to. And because it’ll make me better at my job.

10. Help someone in need

There are so many people in this world that need a helping hand. A lot of people suffer with mental health problems and I think it’s something that I feel quite passionately about myself. So, If I can help anyone in any way then I’d like to. Mental health is becoming more spoken about nowadays, which is great. But there are still tons of people that don’t feel that confident to ask for help or try and talk to someone about it. Let’s see what I can do!

11. Go without technology for 24 hours.

No phone. No TV. No Laptop. I won’t lie, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done it. But I think we live in a world that is so connected. Over connected possibly. All because of the internet. Social media. Wow, my job includes social media, so it’s tough to get away from it some times. BUT! All of us need to have a bit of detox every once in a while. Have you tried it?

26 before 26_TechnologyBreak

12. Get another tattoo

Oooooh! I SO want this! The process of thinking about what I want, where I want it, screenshotting amazing pieces of art from Pinterest and the web has officially begun. Watch. This. Space!

13. Read more news (but don’t get stuck in it)

For a very long time I have been completely unaware of what is going on in the world around me. When something disastrous happens, you feel utterly shocked because why. Why would this be happening. The bombings that took place in Manchester, WHY! But this is a daily occurrence in other countries. We’re just completely oblivious to it. However, it is important to not get so down about it and let it affect your daily life. So that’s what I intend to do. Right now is the perfect time to tell you about a company I came across over on Instagram; (The Happy Newspaper) This is just one example of someone that is sharing all the wonderful, good news in the world.

14. Change my hair colour

I have been dying my hair red since I was about 18. Sometimes you just have to mix it up a little bit. Every one needs a change every once in a while right? I hope I don’t hate it!

15. Learn to cook

Ok, obviously I can cook. I wouldn’t be alive right now if I had NO idea. (Let’s leave out the fact that Mummy Scully does most of my cooking at the minute!) But I want to get better at it. The way my mum describes my cooking is ‘she throws it all in and hopes for the best’ – it’s not entirely true… but she’s also not wrong. Tastes good though!

16. Learn to meditate

So, whilst I’m in the ‘getting my mind clear and back to being happy and healthy’ mode, the more I read about meditation the more I think I need it. This is had to be one of my 26 things. I don’t completely understand it right now, but it’s on my list and I’m ready to learn. Fingers crossed, it may even help me!

17. Get involved with a charity

Well I think this is something everyone should do. Why have I never done it before? No idea. But now is the time. Which charity is the question?

18. Break a bad habit

Nail biting must stop. Full stop. Then I can stop sticking fake ones on. And no, they’re not acrylics or whatever, just stick on nails.

19. Get more organised.

I’m pretty organised, but since moving back in with my parents, like 9 months ago… It’s organised chaos. I used to keep all my paper bills in a folder. All organised. By category; whether it was house, car, phone, dental, whatever. That seems to have failed, so I best get back to it!

20. De-clutter

Simplify. We all go through life collecting things. Over the last couple of months, I have bought so much stuff that, let’s face it, I don’t really need. They’re all home bits and bobs. Which I just love so much. And knowing me, I’ll use them in my photos (because that’s why I actually bought them) and then put them away somewhere ready for when I move out. However, I know I have a box of old memoirs from a previous relationship. Little things we shared. The ferry tickets from our first holiday. WHY!? Time to get rid of it and not have just stuff laying around everywhere. I’s not a good look.

21. Buy a camera

I’ve always had a creative side. I’ve been saying for so long that I want to buy a ‘proper’ camera. And, actually learn how to use it! Then I can be snap happy [Yaay!]

26 before 26_BuyACamera

22. Learn something new

So, my thinking is although I’ve already put learn a new language and pay for a class, which means I’ll be learning something new. I’m thinking more like, learn something new that is different to the other two points. Something I can potentially learn from YouTube videos maybe? How to edit videos? Or how to code? We’ll see!

23. Try a sensory deprivation tank

So, I heard about these things a while ago. Have you ever heard of them? They kind of creep me out, but I need to find one and give it a go. Some of the reviews I’ve read from people that have tried it, it genuinely sounds amazing.

24. Give blood

So I think I need to check if I am allowed to give blood, but it’s definitely something a lot more people should be doing. Just think of the difference you could make. You could save someone’s life. I just need to make sure I time that and my new tattoo (see point 13 – eeek!) as I believe you’re not allowed to give blood for a certain amount of time after having new ink.

25. Go to a rugby match

I know so many lads that play rugby. My bosses are big rugby fans. And, let’s face it, rugby players are generally good looking blokes. Apart from the guys that manage to get their noses broken too often. But I’ve been to a football match. It wasn’t amazing, but at least I can say I’ve done it. I do understand the offside rule ;). However, I don’t really understand rugby. Now is a good time!

26. German Christmas markets

Don’t ask me why, I’m not entirely sure, but I have never had a desire to go to Germany. I think the accent is harsh. I feel like German people are always shouting at each other haha. (Maybe I’ve just watched too many films with baddies that are German in them? You’re wondering which ones now, Die Hard? COME ON!) Anyway, my mum has always mentioned she’d like to go the German Christmas markets, so maybe it was time I took her.


WOW! I did not expect this post to be this long! So sorry, thanks so much if you stuck around until the end of my babbling! It was surprisingly easy to come up with 26 things. Who knew I wanted to do so much! Have you made a list like this? I’d love to read it and potentially get some ideas. Let me know in the comments below.

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