This Friday is International Women’s Day 2019! So I thought, what better way to celebrate than to tell you, my lovely readers, about some pretty amazing women. It saddens me to think it takes a day like this Friday, 8th March to make women stand together, It’s definitely something we should be doing more often.

However, for now, I literally wanted to shout about five amazing women who I think are crushing it right now in the world of online. They each hold something really special for me and inspire me in some way, shape or form. Please do check them out, because you never know… they may just be your cuppa tea too!

Before we begin, you may be wondering… what is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is held annually on 8th March and is celebrated all across the world. Generally known for its focus on the movement for women’s rights and creating equality.

To me personally, it’s become much more than that.

To me, it’s a day that has become a reminder that girls should always support girls, in everything. Less so nowadays, however, there was a time when I just did not gel well with women. it always felt petty and a bit playground-like. I mean, what happens to the girls you meet in nightclub bathrooms at 2 am when you’re blind drunk and she’s telling you how beautiful you look, and to screw that guy that you like that just kissed someone else – Where do they go?

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. – United Nations

So for me, I wanted to put together a post of just five of the lovely ladies I would like to tell you about this International Women’s Day. Not through any personal gain. Just because I think they’re pretty cool.

Beth Sandland

Instagram – @bethsandland

I’ve followed Beth for a while now, and I can honestly say she’s the most relatable woman ever. She’d gone from a lifestyle blogger, discussing real life things like her experiences with the contraceptive pill all the way to life as a freelancer. I believe I started following Beth after another blogger had Instagram storied because Beth was essentially review vacuum cleaners – it was the most bizarre but real thing ever, because who else was doing it? No one! Bloggers to me around that time all felt a bit samey, so it was then that I knew that Beth would be my kind of girl!

Just before Christmas Beth booked a one-way fight and headed out of the UK for sunny Australia. I literally can not stop watching her travels. I’ve definitely been living vicariously through her, I mean just look at her Instagram feed…

International Women's Day - Celebrating Beth Sandland

She really is an inspiration, in the sense that she shows the highs and the lows. Yeah sure, perhaps her feed is a highlight reel, but aren’t all of ours? Watch her stories. She’s witty, personable and very down to earth. From disclosing that she sustained multiple sand fly wounds as a result of that beautiful picture you see on the grid, to not having shaved her legs in weeks or had a proper bath or shower in a while.

If you’re looking to step into the unknown of backpacking for a long period of time, Beth’s ’25 Things I’ve Learned in my First Month of Backpacking’ blog is definitely one of my favourites.

Beth is making my feet itch for sure.

I haven’t fancied all of the places she’s visited and that’s cool, but I have made a note of the little tips & tricks she’s bought up and I will definitely be on the lookout for her recommendations as her travels continue! Who knows where I’ll travel to next!


She Can She Did International Women's Day - Fi from She Can. She Did.

Instagram – @shecanshedid

Created by Fi, her story is one that definitely resonates with me. She Can. She Did. Is an incredible concept and one that I know, I’m genuinely grateful to Fi for creating. Fi essentially travels up and down the country interviewing some of the most incredible female business owners and entrepreneurs for her podcast.

On top of showcasing the real world behind starting your own business as a teen, twenty or thirty-something-year-old woman, Fi organises The Midweek Mingle! Which… I’m bloody thrilled that I’ll be attending this Thursday. I’m so nervous about attending an event by myself, with a bunch of people I’ve never met before. But, in aid of powering through with some positivity, I’m excited because quite frankly, they all seem lovely and quite inspiring really.

Watch this space for my thoughts on my first ever “networking” (ergh, I can’t be the only one that hates that word!) event!

If you’re even considering starting your own business, regardless of what it may be, just go and have a ganders. Some of her interviews are truly helpful and inspiring. One of my personal favourites has got to be ‘A Spotlight on: Alice Benham’ who strangely enough, also features on this list…


Alice Benham

Instagram – @alice_benham

I’ve not followed Alice for too long, a couple of months I’d say. To be totally honest with you, I’ve got no idea how I even came to follow her. My memory is so bad!

Anyway, Alice is a Digital Marketing Coach. We roll in the same circles, kind of do the same job, in a roundabout way. Although, after leaving my job I’m just starting out and she’s a couple of years in I believe. And quite frankly, I think she’s fabulous!

She’s a breath of fresh air on Instagram stories. From her tips on staying organised and how she creates her goals & to do lists, to her Matilda Mornings (just go and watch them, you’ll understand). Her brand is all things monochrome and she clearly knows what she’s doing.

I love how open and honest she is and just generally seems like an all round nice person. I genuinely think we’d be pretty cool friends if such a thing were to occur.

International Women's Day - Alice Benham

She posted a story one evening about having business friends and just reaching out to people, truth be told I’d definitely had a glass of wine that night and felt like I totally could… So I did. I dropped her a message and she was so genuine and kind and clearly took the time to ‘stalk’ slightly so it wasn’t just a generic response.

She’s just someone I feel like I’d have a lot of time for.

On top of being, what appears to be a good egg and great at what she does, Alice hosts a bloody brilliant podcast called Starting the Conversation. I’ve learnt so many things across her podcasts that I’ve actually been able to apply! It’s not one of those, just listen along and nod like everything makes sense and then forget everything when it’s finished.

PLUS, she’s just about to host her very first retreat, Gather & Grow. I’m totally gutted I couldn’t go to, but I genuinely hope the first one is a success so that she hosts another – I’ll be getting a ticket to that one fo’sho!


Lauren Mahon

Instagram – @iamlaurenmahon

Now, what CAN’T this woman do?!

I first met Lauren a couple of years ago now. I was working for a startup drinks company as their marketing exec. Whilst on the hunt for as many PR cases we could be involved with, I came across this opportunity to supply drinks at an event at the gorgeous West Elm Store on Tottenham Court Road, London called NOT A PITY PARTY.

The event was being hosted by one incredible lady, Miss Lauren Mahon (aka. Lozza!) in order to raise money/readies and awareness of ladies checking themselves for lumps and bumps in their breasts. You see, Lauren had been diagnosed and, may I add, fought off breast cancer in her early thirties.

I went along to the event in order to support a. the brand I was working for and b. the event itself.

And what I left with was so much more than I could’ve hoped for.

Lauren is a bloody inspiration. When I met her at that event she wasn’t as well known as she is now, but that wouldn’t matter. She was friendly and definitely matched her Insta bio at the time, which from memory mentioned being the female version of Danny Dyer with her potty mouth. Haha!

International Women's Day - Lauren Mahon

Nowadays you can find her spreading awareness on TV, co-hosting regular podcasts #YouMeBigC for the BBC with Deborah James (aka. @bowelbabe) and still remembering and keeping her memory alive, the gone but certainly never forgotten @Rachael_Hodges. And just generally being a bloody hero.

What struck me most, and probably the main reason for Lauren being featured on my International Women’s Day list is just the way she conducts herself.

After talking to her for less than 10 minutes, I actively support her and feel like I always will.

I watch every single one of her stories, like all of her posts and own one of her TIT-TEES (more on that to come later). Laurens attitude towards life, in general, is one to be in awe of. From talking to her, listening to their podcast and generally following her, you start to appreciate just some of the crap people are going through, whether you know about it or not. And how, there’s always a bit of hope, and a positive attitude can mean so much.

I also know not to say people ‘lost their battle to cancer’ as Lauren rightly said to me once, you don’t lose your friends and family to cancer, “we didn’t leave you in Primark”. And she’s right!

Apart from going on to be some kind of superstar that’s been featured in Pretty Little Thing’s International Women’s Day CampaignEveryBODYinPLT, has appeared on Tv multiple times including First Dates Hotel and The One Show, co-hosts the #YouMeBigC Podcast, she also still continues to raise money for very important charities by selling the best t-shirts under her brand GIRLvsCANCER. Her Tit-Tees! Just check out her Instagram for them!

International Women's Day - GirlvsCancer Tit-tees

If you haven’t already, please head over and check out all of her channels, and if they resonate with you in any way, support this Girl boss, because she is just that… a bloody BOSS! I kind of think days like International Women’s Day was made for people like Lauren.

Ps. On Tuesday this week, 5th March, she won ‘The Triumph Award’ at the Remarkable Women Awards Hosted by Stylist Magazine. On a whim that you actually see this Lauren, Congratulations, can’t think of anyone more deserving!


Steph My Life

Instagram – @stephmylife

I watch Steph’s Instagram Stories… daily! I can’t help myself. Her feed is amazing, her home looks incredible and she’s just so helpful to everyone.

She regularly does Q&As and answers, what seems like, hundreds of questions. And they’re always very informative and helpful. There’s never ever any kind of sourness, which I know you know happens in InstaLand.

Together with her husband Tim and their beautiful dog Chimmi, I’m just so attached to their everyday life. Because do you know what… it’s exactly that! You can tell there no beefing it up to make out to be something they’re not! And I love that!

Steph does personal travel planning, I mean who else would you trust to organise a trip to all the best places to see, other than the person that has been and done it all? If… WHEN I go to Bali, (hopefully next year – eek!) I will most definitely be using Steph’s services. On top of that, she sells beautiful Adobe Lightroom Presets, which I mean, looking at her photos, why wouldn’t you?!

International Women's Day - Steph My Life

Why is Steph on my International Women’s Day list?

Simply put she seems like a lovely person. On top of that, over the last couple of weeks, Steph has openly admitted that she previously removed some of her stories due to her having a stammer. For me personally, she’s a bloody hero because let’s be honest, we all have our hang-ups. It was quite clear that was hers. I think she’s been so brave to a. admit it and b. she now doesn’t delete her stories; she just carries on. Does it bother anyone? It bloody better not! It doesn’t me, I don’t even realise it! But look at what she overcome. And to over 20k followers!

To me, it’s everyday ladies, like Steph that inspire people and they don’t even know it. If she can do that, it helps me to believe I can get over my hang-ups.

So there you have it, five, in my personal opinion, incredible women who in some way or another have helped me. Whether that’s inspiring me to travel more or overcome a fear I have. Who’s inspired you recently? Who will you be celebrating on International Women’s Day? Make sure you let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time, 

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