I know for sure, I get bored if I’m not learning. Learning something new every day enables personal growth. Whether it’s seeing something from a different perspective or learning a new skill.

I’ve personally had a desire to be constantly learning, probably since I left school. It wasn’t my favourite time, and therefore I don’t feel that I got the most out of my school life. However, since leaving and choosing what I learn, I’ve found it’s easy to learn something new.

It’s true that we really do only grow when we step outside of our comfort zone. That’s why I’ve decided to challenge myself to learn something new. It may be something small, it may just be coming to a realisation that I wasn’t aware of but this year I’m determined to become a better version of myself.

So, without further ado here is just 7 days of thoughts and learnings rolled in to one…

Day one – Friday 1st February

No matter how hard you work for other people, companies etc. some just wont appreciate you. They are all there to do a job and however emotionally attached you feel, you’re just another employee that canand willbe replaced.

Business is business. I get that. However, no matter how large a company is, I don’t believe the employees should be made to feel that they are simply one small cog that’s part of a much bigger machine. We’re all human beings.

Today, I don’t know if I did learn something new. I think I just came to a realisation of something I’d always known. Hmm.

Day two – Saturday 2nd February

I leant how to use the self scanners at Tesco. [YAY!] I did warn you at the beginning, some of these things were going to be small, haha!

But just to embellish on this point. Today was a reminder to learn that’s okay to look stupid some times and ask questions when you don’t know something. You don’t know what you don’t know! And you’re never going to know unless you;

  1. Waste time trying to work it out for yourself in the hope that you don’t embarrass yourself
  2. Ask someone that does know and get to the point a lot quicker

It’s not that scary. Trust me. I looked like a right tool once we’d (Mum and I) finished our shopping, got to the self serve till and I had no idea what to do next. I mean, some times people don’t see what’s right under their nose… like the sticker on the top of the machine telling you to scan it to continue! [WOW, I surprise myself some days!]

Moving swiftly on…

Day three – Sunday 3rd February

‘Stuff’ does not make me happy.

I have a lot of stuff. I think I’ve always known that I do, however, after not being able to shut my drawers and clean washing remaining in the laundry basket because it physically wouldn’t be able to fit anywhere, I knew it was time to have a rethink.

Over the years I’ve collected stuff, and after moving around, I had to get rid of a lot of bits’n’bobs. How do I still have so much of it?! After carefully looking at the trinkets and candle holders and wooden stars and pretty little lights and cushions and t-shirts I haven’t worn for over a year, that I have dotted across my many rooms, I knew that I wouldn’t really care if none of it was there any more.

That’s right, today I learnt something new. I learnt, I no longer like stuff. Stuff makes my space cluttered which in turn makes me feel miserable and unmotivated. I’m off to sell some stuff!

Day four – Monday 4th February

Not every thing that you think you want, will, or should, happen.

Having worked in Ecommerce, and loved it, for some time I thought that perhaps I’d be ok in setting up my own ecommerce site. So I went for it. I sourced product, I created the website, I bought the packaging. I created the branding, I made the social profiles, I considered the marketing channels.

Yet, for some reason I didn’t put all my effort in to it. So it flopped.

It wasn’t a bad product. I didn’t have poor customer service skills. (Just some of the reasons some ecommerce businesses should fail!) It was purely due to my effort. I didn’t put in the work.

I’m not sure why yet. I thought it’s what I wanted to do. But apparently not. But that’s ok. If I was meant to create an ecommerce brand, It’ll happen one day. Just not yet.

Learn Something New Every Day

Day five – Tuesday 5th February

Taking a break doesn’t make you weak. Whether it’s a break from work or from life in general, it’s totally normal!

Today, I was having a bit of a mental block. I couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything. So I scrolled through social media (the worst thing I could’ve done!) Bamn, that’s an hour lost.

So I decided to take a break. I put my headphones in, drove to a nearby reservoir (it’s called Grafham Water. Go and take a look – It’s beautiful and so easy to walk around) and went for a nice 5km walk.

I listened to a podcast which actually gave me so many ideas that by the time I returned home, I was buzzing and couldn’t stop!

So if you’re feeling a bit stuck, just take a break. Walk away from it, whatever it is and try and occupy your mind with something else. Yes I know, this won’t apply to everything, we all have deadlines etc. Just try it.

Day six – Wednesday 6th February

I’m personally most productive between 2pm – 12am.

I don’t think I needed to challenge myself, to learn something new, to be able to work out that I am not a morning person. Ha!

Not because I hate getting out of bed, which I do. Not because I hate morning traffic, because I do. I just generally seem to perform better and get more creative between those hours. This week alone

Day seven – Thursday 7th February

I love reading. Now this may sound like anything new to some of you, but for me this was a pretty big deal!

When I was younger, yeah I didn’t mind reading… I think. You know, you have to read at school, and bed time stories. But as I got older, the thought of sitting still and focusing all of my attention something fictional… well I personally couldn’t think of any thing worse. Always thought I had something better to do.

Well, in the last year alone, I have managed to gather a collection of 28 books! Okay, confession time, I’ve not read all of them… yet. But I will. (plus I’ll be doing a book review on each one of them just for you..) And being completely transparent, they’re predominantly self-help or self development books including:

*these are not affiliate links, just thought I’d link them if you’re interested.

I now spend some time in my day, mostly going to bed at night, reading.

[bonus day] Day eight – Friday 8th February

My last ‘learn something new’ for the week was this. Not something new really, but something I do need to keep reminding myself.

Not everyone knows what I know, therefore my knowledge is worth something to someone.

Whilst debating whether to try freelancing, this is something I’m constantly trying to remind myself.

I recently had a conversation with an owner of a garage who had recently opened a second garage in the city and had done some marketing for the opening. After reviewing his leaflet, (I’m not a massive fan of leaflet drops, that’s a whole other story) I noticed things like he’d placed an offer on this leaflet, with no end date, no reference to any Terms and Conditions. Luckily, I know the guy quite well and was honest with about the things I felt he’d missed off. After having a lengthy discussion with him, I came to realise that of course he doesn’t know all of these things. It’s not his job – he’s not a marketer! He was just doing as he thought he should.

I couldn’t laugh at him, because if any one was to ask me to go and fix a car I wouldn’t have a clue! So how could I assume he knew the basic principles of marketing.

Some things to me which I feel are common sense, are not. And that’s my own small mindedness.

So remember, whatever you’re good at, not everyone in the world is. Also, some day you may be able to charge for your skills and knowledge.

I’ll end on this…

I implore you to learn something new today. Maybe not every day, but just consciously look for ways that will enable you to learn.

Here’s 5 easy ways to help you learn something new;

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube Videos
  • Taking a new course
  • Travelling
  • Read Books

Until next time,

Lorna x

Learn Something New Everyday


  1. Ahhh, I’m actually obsessed with this post! I love the message behind it. Everyday is a chance to learn something new and I think that’s such a cool thing. Self scanners are daunting! I remember I avoided them for ages. They do make the whole checkout process a lot quicker though! Thanks for sharing this!

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