January has been and gone and I’m feeling ready for a photo challenge.

Back in November I brought a Canon DSLR camera and I’m making it one of my goals this year to learn how to use it. I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of my investment. Because I don’t know about you, but to me the amount of money I spent on it was definitely a considered purchase! And definitely not something I can leave gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.

I have seen many photo challenges over the years and even taken part in some myself. I do however, struggle to stick to a daily task like this for a long period of time. So I thought, why not create my own photo challenge and share it with you guys and girls. Hopefully this way, it’ll keep me accountable and I can keep track of my photography progress.

It may not be the start of the year, it may not even be the start of a new month but hey, you can start whenever!

I decided to make the photo challenge 52 things as there’s 52 weeks in a year, and I hope to stick to this [eek!] but take whatever inspiration you wish from this!

You don’t have to take part, but you are more than welcome to if you’d like to. I’d love to see your images too! All of the prompts are completely subjective, so I’d love to see what you snap a picture of after seeing these prompts.  Just make sure you tag me @simplyvioletuk.

So here they are;

  1. New
  2. Old
  3. Living
  4. Dead
  5. Close up
  6. Far away
  7. Black and white
  8. Colour
  9. Food
  10. Drink
  11. Low angle
  12. High angle
  13. Look up
  14. Look down
  15. Music
  16. Silence
  17. Shadow
  18. Light
  19. Outdoors
  20. Indoors
  21. Night
  22. Day
  23. Flat lay
  24. Patterns
  25. Textures
  26. Movement
  27. Stillness
  28. Portrait
  29. Landscape
  30. Bokeh
  31. Reflection
  32. Architecture
  33. Sunset
  34. Water
  35. Silhouette
  36. Framed
  37. View
  38. Doorway
  39. Hand written
  40. Focus
  41. Inspire
  42. Stripes
  43. Symmetry
  44. Seasonal
  45. Home
  46. Comfort
  47. Luxury
  48. Details
  49. Memories
  50. Permanent
  51. Little things
  52. Happiness


I’m super excited to see to what I create and I’ll be amazed if anyone else decides to join in. If you’re not sure that it’s for you but still want to see how my month in photography goes, make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss a photo.


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