As it’s Mother’s Day this weekend I thought, what better way to celebrate than by writing my Mum a heartfelt letter and posting it on here. She’s probably going to shed a tear because I’m being pretty cute, let’s face it! But then she’ll probably want to punch me because I’ve used a couple of pictures of her on here. She hates having her picture taken at the best times.

Which, as a side note, we don’t have many pictures together and the one which features in the main image was taken when I was about 16 If I remember rightly! Not long after we received it, a drink was spilt on it, hence it looks a bit strange in the frame. The drink got inside it and I think I’m too scared to take the photograph out of the frame just in case it ruins the picture altogether. Anyway…

Sorry Mum!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Also, before I dive into it, I have a lot of friends who are Mums and also a lot of people who aren’t really friends who are Mums. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say to you, Happy Mother’s Day as well. Whether you’re a single Mum or not, I can only imagine how hard it is. The everyday trials and tribulations of bringing up another human being to be the best person they can be must be a task and a half.

You’re obviously not alone, but I know a couple of you, personally, probably feel this way. You’re genuinely doing the best job. And the little’uns you’re raising just goes to prove that. Much of what I’m about to write to my Mum will be exactly what they’ll be thinking and feeling in years to come. Don’t judge them because they’re not doing it right now. It takes time and some life lessons to get to the point of being able to open up to your Mum. Trust me, I know. But one day they’ll thank you for everything. Because, quite frankly, you’re amazing.

Here goes…


To My Mum,

You a’right mate? I’m a’right mate!

As it’s mother’s day, I thought I’d write you a heartfelt letter. Don’t get all aggy about being mentioned on my blog. We’ve been through this! Ps. Sorry in advance that I put your picture on the web too!

I’m sorry if I upset you sometimes. I know we bicker a lot and it’s always about bloody ridiculous things. Like you being a technophobe. 😉 Also, I know Simba gets on your nerves, sorry for bringing him home with me! But thank you for letting me and putting up with both of us. I can tell he’s your mate really (when he no clawing at your new sofa or jumping out on you).

You’re always the one that picks up the phone at 2am when I’m drunk and want to chat. Because that’s what I do best when I’ve had a drink, hey! I talk and talk and talk and talk.

I wonder where I get that from! 😉

To this day I remember the many dinners that got forgotten about amongst other things whilst you spent hours on the phone to your best mate Maggie! Once you got on the phone to her, there’s no point trying to talk to you for the rest of the night!

Thank you for all the years you picked me up from the centre of town when I’d been out dancing the night away with my friends. I mean, I could’ve been a lot worse. However, asking you to stop on a dual carriageway so I could be sick down your car probably wasn’t one of my finest moments. But thank you for not screaming and shouting at me like it was the end of the world. But just never letting me live it down!

Whilst we’re on that note, thank you for being a generally cool parent. The one that hid things from Dad because you knew he’d lose his nut if he found out. Although, I’m pretty sure he always knew. But you did help sneak me in the house when I was drunk once, and upstairs to be sick in the bathroom so Dad wouldn’t find out.

I remember being at school, like the end of primary school age and some of the girls trying to pick on me because you were older than the rest of their mums. I didn’t even notice at that age. Even going through secondary school, I can’t say it bothered me. But for some reason, some people thought they could pick on me for it. And guess what?

You were the coolest Mum in the village. And they knew it!

The one that would buy us all alcohol (WKDs kids, don’t get excited, not the strong stuff!)as long as we stayed here at home. Little did we know at the time it was so you could control how much we drank and keep an eye on us. Everyone just thought you were cool.

Thank you for not kicking me out when I told you I could no longer go to work at a certain job because it was making me miserable. I mean, the first time you weren’t so sure, but I think you understood. The second and third time I think I was a little less scared to tell you. I know mental health wasn’t a big thing back in the day when you were growing up. I understand and appreciate that. And I don’t know, maybe you just don’t ‘get it’. But you let me be me and make my own mistakes which is pretty cool.

Mothers Day Letter - Girl in grey hat with her mum at german christmas market in cologne

I love that you want to go and explore lots of amazing cities. I never really fancied Germany, but I knew you always wanted to experience a German Christmas Market, so I’m glad we went to Cologne. One of the only times I think you’ve ever let me take a selfie with you! (Again, I’m sorry, please don’t kick me out, they’re crackin’ memories!)

Where to next? 

Lastly, thank you for always being bloody nosey. Some days I don’t want to talk about the things you’re questioning but I can hand on heart say that I tell you more than I tell anyone else. You don’t judge me. You don’t laugh at me and whether you believe the same thing or not, you let me do it anyway. It was only last week that after taking the plunge into self-employment I told you I had my first potential client. You jumped out of your seat and gave me a massive hug. I hope I make you proud.

That’s why you’re my best mate.

I know we’re not a lovey-dovey family, but I should probably tell you more, I love you so much. I would do anything for you. Maybe I moan and bitch and shout at you from time to time, but please know that I never mean it.

I’ll be there for you no matter what. When you’re grey(er) and old. Every time you ask me to help you with something, I think it’s rare that I moan, but regardless deep down, I know that I’m going to anyway. You must have given up so much to have me. To raise me. And I genuinely can’t think of anything else I can do to repay you than saying yes and helping you out whenever you need it. I mean I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but I think you and Dad have raised a pretty cool, caring (sometimes too much) woman. I can only thank you for that. When, if, the day ever comes when I have children of my own, I will be happy if I’m half as good of a Mum as you are.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum.

Love you, always and forever,

Lorna Violet xxx


Make sure you hug your Mum this Mother’s Day folks, not everyone will be able to. For a lot of people, our Mums are our biggest influencer, our best friend and our biggest cheerleader. It’s the little things that count so make sure you show her you love her most days, not just Mother’s day. 

Until next time,

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