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Looking for a little daily life inspiration? Aren’t we all… Simply Violet is a lifestyle blog. The only one you’ll need. Here I share my general mumblings of everyday life. From oversharing my personal life to personal development tips you could need, you’ll find it here.

I cover everything from mental health to daily lists, including facts about me and photography challenges. Will you take part?

A daily life blog provides insight into someone else world. From food & drink to my opinion on the online dating world, it’s going to be a giggle right?

6 Wellness and Mental Health Bloggers I Love Right Now!

Looking for relatable mental health bloggers? I’ve got you covered!

I’ve pulled together a list of just six of the amazing girls out there talking all things wellness, mental health and everything in between. There are tonnes more out there. And with mental health having less stigma attached to it, with campaigns such as #TimeToTalk Day spreading more awareness, these girls just continue to help people understand that it’s okay to talk about it.

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