Well… I think it’s safe to say that number 9 in my 26 things I want to do before I celebrate my 26th birthday didn’t really happen. Whoops.

Never mind. I did get some of them ticked off! Let’s dip in to them! Also, I won’t lie I have been rubbish in posting about when I complete each of these, I may go back and re-write, I may not. WHO KNOWS!

1. Read 20 Books

Now, I definitely did not read 20 books. I did however totally up my reading. I’m going to be doing a review of each book that I’ve read, so watch this space, there were some good ones! Plus, I want to continue with upping that game. Who know I loved a good old fashioned book? I sent a list of about 9 to my parents to put on my Christmas list and I received 5 of them, so I’ve got some reading to be doing!

2. Travel alone

Yes! I absolutely did this! Having written the original post back in July 2017, I’ve travelled to Barcelona And Lisbon all by myself. You can find my post about travelling solo to Barcelona and my photo diaries of my 4 day trip to Lisbon, Portugal on the blog.

AND, I’m currently in the process of packing my suitcase ready for the next adventure. Watch this space to find out where I’m off to next!

3. Invest in 5 start-up businesses

Safe to say that this didn’t really happen. So much comes from looking after yourself. This is very much on my to do list, however I feel like I need to be more financially stable by myself first.

4. Visit 10 new places in the UK

So, I definitely, got round to seeing more beautiful places in the UK. 10? Not to sure I did that many. I went up to visit my beautiful friend Emily in Keswick, WOW! What a place that is! luckily I took the good weather with me. I’ll definitely have a to get a post up about how lovely Cumbria is! I also added Manchester and Ely to that list, but I cannot really think of too many other places beyond that. Want to know what Ely is like? Check my #PhotoDiaries of Ely out! 

5. Pay for a class

Hurray – I did this a couple of times! I paid for a photography course and also an eyelash extension course. They were both amazing. 

6. Learn a new language

I’m not going to lie to you.. this one definitely slipped. However, I’m determined for my Portuguese to improve. Perhaps it will when I go on my next trip… hint, hint 😉 

7. Send 10 letters to friends/family even if you don’t send them

Obviously, with this one being very personal I’m not going to publish these. I did get up to about 6 letters. They included letters to my old best friend, my great aunt who unfortunately is no longer with us and my Nan. I think I may pick this one back up and complete the 10 as it did really help me. 

8. Get a better understanding of politics

If I never hear the word Brexit again, it’d be too soon. Simple enough to say this one failed pretty quickly. I got bored. It’s that simple. 

9. Write more

From a blogging point of view, this definitely failed. Haha – and I’m surprisingly okay about it. I spend so much time on computers etc. for work, I just didn’t feel like picking this up. Never mind! I did however, find that over the last year of so, I’ve started writing, physically… yes kids, with a pen and a good old fashioned notebook, more. Not necessarily a journal, but there are days that if I don’t get my thoughts out, even on to that piece of paper, I’ll scream and cry and let them take over me. So that’s always a plus! 

10. Help someone in need

I’m pretty positive there are a couple of people I’ve helped quite personally over the last year and a half, and I’m okay with that. I don’t want to, nor do I need to publicise the situation… That’s good enough for me. 🙂 

11. Go without technology for 24 hours.

Ha! Nope. Safe to say, this did not happen. 

12. Get another tattoo

Another one that hasn’t happened. The time will come, I just want to absolutely ensure I get something I really really want! 

13. Read more news (but don’t get stuck in it)

So apparently, I can’t read the news without letting it totally affect me. I tried super hard on this point for quite some time, and I think I am more aware of the news around the country (and world) however, I think I got a bit too in to it. We’ve found a happy medium! 

14. Change my hair colour

This definitely happened! Just before I went to Barcelona. I put down the red hair dye and instead went Ginger, well Orange. It’s so much more natural, however still as bright. I’d decided that, let’s be honest, brown is just a little to dull for me. Blonde would completely wash me out. And Black, HELLO GOTH! So ginger it was. And I’m happy. I still receive comments asking would would want to be a ginger. It’s not a million miles off my natural hair. And I like it. That’s all that matters! 

15. Learn to cook

Na. Next.

16. Learn to meditate

With how stressful my life got, this one should be pushed to the top of the queue. Didn’t happen. 

17. Get involved with a charity

So I now give money every month to a charity. However, that’s as far as it’s gone. I guess, every little helps.

18. Break a bad habit

If I was aiming to specifically stop biting my nails, no this did not happen. Next. 

19. Get more organised.

Well I feel more organised. I still have some bits a pieces across the three bedrooms 😐 but I feel like I’m in a pretty good place with personal, life documents! 

20. De-clutter

I have thrown away so much STUFF! It feels so good! 

21. Buy a camera

Yay – I’ve found one that I completed! I bought a fancy camera and you can find out about in my ‘I bought a DSLR‘ post. 

22. Learn something new

I think I’m putting the eyelash extension course against this one! It was so much fun and I definitely learnt a new skill. I also turned our spare room in to a beauty room and have charged for eyelash extensions – EEK! I love doing it. The look on ladies faces when they sit up and love how they look is just… it just makes me feel good inside! 

23. Try a sensory deprivation tank

Would you believe, I don’t think there are any sensory deprivation tanks near me and I’ll need to travel down to London potentially to do this. I still very much want to try it. 

24. Give blood

This one makes me sad. Through the year and a half I’ve not been too well, in turn meaning I haven’t been able to complete this one 🙁 Fix me first, and it’ll be back on the to-do list! 

25. Go to a rugby match

Nope. Almost had the opportunity just after Christmas day to go to Twickenham, however had to cancel. This will happen, one day! 

26. German Christmas markets

And last but not least… This bad boy happened! Myself and Mum took off to Cologne in December 2017 and you can read all about the German Christmas Markets in my post


Well, that was just as long as the first one, jeeez! However, just by making this list it definitely made me try some new things. the New Year is normally a good opportunity to think about these things. Do you have any New Years Resolutions or a new bucket list perhaps? I’d love to see it if you have! 


  1. Belated happy birthday! I’m glad you were able to cross some things off your list – may not be all of them but accomplishing most must be a great feeling! That’s awesome you were able to travel alone – traveling is definitely wonderful for the soul.

    ☼ eena / cabin twenty-four

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