So for those of you who don’t know what Love Island is, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? Hiding under a rock for the last 7 weeks? I joke. But seriously, Love Island has brain washed the nation for the 7 weeks. Seven whole weeks. That’s a bloody long time.

What is Love Island?

Think Big Brother abroad, with a twist. So, I’ve never been a fan of Big Brother, never understood the fascination. To be honest, I don’t know what made me give Love Island a chance. I’d never heard of it before, but apparently this is the third series! Wowza! Where people enter the villa, couple up with people, who hopefully they’re actually compatible with and compete to make it to the final where the winners will receive £50,000!


So it all started back on Monday 5th June at 9pm on ITV2. 5 girls were given the opportunity to step forward for their favourite guy as he made his way down the steps. And then BAM, the gorgeous host that is Caroline Flack dropped a bomb shell. Another girl was to join and in just 24 hours if I remember correctly, that girl would get to choose any man she wanted. In walks Jess Shears, (more on her later).

Love Island Host - Caroline Flack
Credit; ITV2

In true reality TV style…

As the time has passed, there have been challenges, arguments, bitching, shouting, but also a lot of ‘love’. So the twist on Big Brother is that the purpose of it, you’d hope, is they are there to meet someone they potentially love. I won’t recap too much. I just remember laughing a lot, there being lots of people coming and going, I may have even had a tear in my eye at some points.

This week alone, they had the horrific, yet strangely hilarious lie detector tests, which Gabby said she didn’t love Marcel, PASSED and then that night decided to tell him she loves him with a grand gesture. REALLY?!

So the starting group for Love Island 2017 was;

Love Island 2017 Contestants
Credit; ITV2

From left to right; Camilla Thurlow, Harley Judge, Jess Shears, Marcel Somerville, Olivia Attwood, Dominic Lever, Amber Davies, Kem Centinay, Chloe Crowhurst, Sam Gowland, Montana Brown

Without getting too into it I thought I’d voice my opinions on some of the people, not all, because ‘Ain’t no body got time for that!’

So, my thoughts on just some of the 2017 contestants;

Montana Brown

I think she is hilarious! I didn’t necessarily like Montana from the beginning, but she started to grow on me a couple of weeks in. She originally coupled up with Dom, who was later stolen by Jess. Montana didn’t seem to have the best of luck with boys. That was until the hunk that is Alex Beattie walked in. It’s been so lovely watching them get to know each other. She seems like a laugh, a good friend, and very honest and truthful.

Kem Centinay

Haha, what a LAD! The hair stylist from ROMFORD! (God, the voiceover guy has really done my head in every single time he over exaggerates when he says ROMFORD!) I think Kem has just come across and an all round nice guy. I can’t remember one time when him and Amber have had a fight and I’ve thought it was mainly his fault. The producers have also shown him just being him a lot of the time. Like how he’d randomly go round and kiss on the forehead to say good morning. Awwwwh! He’s a good egg!

Jess Shears

I won’t lie, when Jess walked in I was like DAAAMN! She’s beautiful! She’s super curvy and I just think a very pretty girl. As you watched her on TV, although it wasn’t nice watch her almost steal Montana’s man, at the end of the day it’s a game show! I think as you watched and Dom get to know each other, they were cute. BUT, there’s something about her, even now, I think she seems a bit fake. I almost have a bit of a love hate relationship, because I follow her on Instagram, however, all the stuff she posts I just think ‘ERGH!’ Silly. I know. And then there was the whole palarva about her sleeping with ‘Muggy Mike’ when they got dumped from the island. Who knows.

Marcel Somerville

What. A. Babe. Enough said right? He’s just so lovely and genuine, I can’t imagine most people having a bad word to say about him. I do think Gabby is partially fake though. Let’s just hope she doesn’t break his heart.

Olivia Attwood

I have my days with Liv. Part of me feels sorry for her, because it portrayed as a bit of a bitch. She’s the first to cause an argument, she screams and shouts like a big baby, but I won’t lie, some of the ways you’ve seen her react, I know I’ve done myself. I think she’d be a lovely girl. But are her and Chris right for each other? Would they actually work as a couple on the outside? I don’t really think so. I think it would be quite a toxic relationship.

Chris Hughes

I think Chris is super funny. He was a newcomer throughout the show and from memory I think he had a bit of a bumpy start to his time in the villa. But actually the viewers have fallen in love with him. Some because of the nasty way that Olivia has been portrayed, as I mentioned above, and some because of how lovely and funny he is. The jokes about him rapping have been hilarious! What a guy.

Camilla Thurlow

I think I’d have a lot of time for Camilla. She’s obviously a very intelligent person and to begin with she stuck out like a sore thumb. The type of girl to not kiss and tell. She kept herself to herself and she didn’t particularly bitch about anyone. Over a week or so, she became the nations sweetheart, and part of me thinks rightly so. She hasn’t had the best of times in there with men. All because she’s a little bit more reserved. Part of me thinks that she shouldn’t have gone on Love Island, because surely she knew what she was going in to? And part of me thinks it’s probably been uber amazing for her.

Then, a lot of people have said that she was pissing them off when she cries a lot. I won’t lie, it felt like I was watching myself when that happened. It’s not her being weak. It just happens. She’s just emotional. I don’t like that about myself, but it’s not something I can easily change. Perhaps over time it will.


So, what you actually came here for.. my prediction to who is going to win. I did not know that I was so indecisive. I love most of the couples.  All different reasons. I’d love Camilla and Jamie to win because I think they’re cute and may actually work in real life. I think Amber has calmed down which has now made her and Kem serious contenders. And Montana and Alex are also quite cute. Right that’s it, my decision. I think Amber and Kem may win.

I could probably write so much more. But don’t worry I won’t. Well done for making it this far! I cannot wait for the final on Monday 24th July at 9pm on ITV 2!

Have you watched Love Island this year? What did you think? What was your best bits or worst bits? I literally cannot wait for the final! Who do you think is going to win?!


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