So as I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my blog up once again [rolls eyes] and deciding that I just want an outlet for being creative. Not for any particular gain, just to gain experience in developing my writing, having a place to vent or share my experiences etc. Not a business. I started reading even more blogs than I already did and kept finding particular posts that actually kind of excited me. One of them being these ’30 by 30’ list type posts. So I thought, okay let’s try and do this. Was it too late for me to create a list of 25 things to do by the time I turn 25? I don’t know. But I just started jotting down things anyway.


I started jotting down some ideas of which I share over on my list – one of them being investing in 5 start up crowd funded campaigns, either on Kickstarter or Crowdfunder etc. I came across The Slabb brand on Facebook funnily enough and their new owners had posted on their Facebook page about how they had recently started a Kickstarter campaign and they’d appreciate anything anyone could give.

So Why The Slabb?

TheSlabb_WhitechocolateWell – who doesn’t love chocolate? For anyone that knows me, knows I love a bit of chocolate every now and again. But what’s even better about The Slabb, they make boozy chocolate! Think Baileys, Gin, Amaretto, even PINA COLADA AND chocolate! Hea
ven. So when I had made my decision that I wanted to invest in 5 small businesses – why wouldn’t I go for this one

I wont lie, I didn’t invest much, but what an amazing feeling I had afterwards. It may only be a small contribution, but I’ve helped them grow their business. Get to their dreams.



If you’re interested in investing in The Slabb their Kickstarter campaign is only around for 12 more days. Do it now!

The Slabb - Milk Chocolate
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