4 Solo Travel Days in Lisbon, Portugal | Photography Diaries

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Ahh, Lisbon. I love Lisbon!  Having merely passed through a couple of times previously I decided to solo travel in Lisbon during March. Having learnt some Portuguese, I felt that I would be more likely to push myself and try and speak with the locals. And I DID! I’m genuinely proud of myself for it.

Lisbon is such a beautiful place. Filled with colourful buildings, some tiled, some painted; gorgeous architecture, some crumbling from historic events; delicious food and drink, and the most breathtaking views!

Anyone looking to solo travel, I would implore you to take a trip to Lisbon.

I decided to stay in an Airbnb, ruling out staying in a hostel after what happened in Barcelona… and I am so glad I did! I didn’t want to go in too much detail about solo travelling in Lisbon, so here’s my photo diaries, enjoy!

Not sure what to expect if you travel alone? I recently talked about 6 Things I Learnt Whilst Travelling Solo.

Have you travelled to Lisbon? What were your highlights? I definitely didn’t see everything I wanted to, just mean I’ll have to return one day.

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