So, I made the silly mistake of not writing my blogs about Barcelona whilst it was happening or even within the couple of days of returning from Spain. Whoops!

Here’s what I do remember….

  • According to my FitBit, I walked 51,821 steps over 3 and ½ days. Apparently, walking 2,000 steps is the equivalent to 1 mile. That means that I walked 25, nearly 26 miles. My legs definitely hurt, so it doesn’t surprise me. To be fair, I do remember walking pretty much everywhere. And the blisters, gosh, they were not pretty.
  • I walked from my hostel to Park Güell. (That would explain some of the miles!) A lot of it was uphill. They even had an escalator… outside!
  • I booked a hostel for my three-night journey and checked out after night one. Something happened that I didn’t particularly like… you can read all about it if you fancy. My Dad helped find and book a room at Hotel Sagrada Família, which was a lovely hotel.
  • I climbed one of the spires at Sagrada Família.
  • I had lunch on Las Ramblas. And then strolled down it only to see the flowers that had been placed where the terrorist attack took place. I was quite emotional being there.
  • I had dinner outside looking at Sagrada Família at night. It’s beautiful!
  • I visited Casa Batlló. With very swollen feet and definite blisters.
  • I walked through the Arc de Triomf after practically getting lost in Parc de la Cuitadella.
  • This was after my Dad basically guided me down the back streets to all the amazing churches and side alleys using Find my Friend, all from the comfort of home!
  • I got pretty drunk and stumbled back to my hotel at 3am the morning of my flight… in an Irish pub. In Barcelona. (How I got up and to the airport without being sick and on time is beyond me!)


Most importantly of all, I was so scared about spending time with myself. Being alone. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. I learnt so much about myself in those three days. And guess what? I made it, I had a heap of fun, I explored a new place that I’d never been to before and I proved to myself, no one else, that I am just fine being by myself.


I thought I’d share a few photos I took on my trip!

Palm Trees in Parc Guell

Parc Guell, Barcelona

I climbed Sagrada Familia Passion towers, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The view from Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Memorial on Las Ramblas, Barcelona - September 2017

the backstreets of Barcelona

The backstreets of Barcelona

Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

Casa Batlló, Barcelona

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